Dear FANDOM staff,

I am writing to you regarding an issue I had with another user. Let me explain..

So basically, there is a user called:Daniellewiki who continuously badge farms for badges. On every wiki she's on, she makes like an unnecessary edit a day just to get the timer badges. On the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki, she posted "hi" and "hello" messages on people's walls which was getting repetitive and she posted everyday, even on inactive users' walls. She got a warning. I noticed how she had done this on every wiki. When I stumbled upon the Madagascar wiki, she had made spam edits every day instead of the "hi" messages just to get the timer badge. Her edits were only on her userpage and she would just edit and add a "d" or spam to her userpage. Edits like this:

Now, she actually edits articles which is good. But, another user on the wiki has been brought to my attention. This user is named:Davidjimnez . That user immediately noticed something. When Dani did those spam edits, I was viewing the IRC channels and I noticed them. I became extremely impatient as she had done this on other wikis despite warning. I left Dani a message (like a warning) that I would contact staff about this issue. Now.. The other user (Davidjimnez) left a message on an admin's wall regarding my message as "minimodding" and told the admin to block me. Per this thread (at the bottom of it):

Brendan (an admin) had told the user that I was right and that Dani was doing the wrong thing. He did however mention that I should contact him next time for these types of issues. But he did state that the dispute was resolved now.

After the admin said the issue was resolved, that user left a thread on Dani's wall regarding the issue despite it being resolved:

The admin closed it and said that it was resolved!

I then messaged her to stop continuing the issue as it was resolved. She responded saying that I have no right to tell her what to do. As well as that, she threatened me and said I would be blocked and called me a "stalker." That really offended me. She closed that thread and I created a new thread.

For some reason, that thread was closed so I had to create another new thread to reply to that users' concern here:

That thread got closed for some reason so I responded in this thread:

That user also messaged an admin after the admin SAID IT WAS RESOLVED!

The user also said that I might potentially be globally blocked just for warning a user (minimodding). Also, I sent multiple messages as they kept getting closed for some reason.

She then said I was a "harasser" which again offended me.

The reason I removed the VSTF report on the VSTF wiki was because I clearly know that the VSTF doesn't deal with these kind of issues. Only spam and vandalism. But she restored it anyway. But then, when I left a reply, she thought it was acceptable to remove it because "it was a conversation between only her and the VSTF member" which is Unacceptable. She even closed the thread above.

Then when I sent an apology to Dani since my message regarding the badge farming shouldn't really be any of my business, that user interrupted threatening me that she'll contact staff and for me to leave that user alone. Here:

Then, despite sending a message to the admins earlier, she sent another one here:

She then said I want to get banned. Wow. So rude.

Now.. On my home wiki.. Known as: The Encyclopedia SpongeBobia..

She tried to get an admin to demote me from my rollback rights which I've worked really hard to earn for an issue off another wiki! She violated a policy of ESB. ESB doesn't allow users to discuss other wiki matters but she did anyway here:

She also sent another message here:

She then discuss other wiki matters after KNOWING THAT IT WAS AGAINST THE POLICY HERE:

Wow.. That's a lot! By just one user! Absolutely ridiculous! I talked to Jr Mime and Noreplyz about the dispute and they suggested I contact staff. That's what I have done and this dispute should be solved soon. Thanks for reading!


(Rollback • Encyclopedia SpongeBobia)